Getting lots of overflows?
Is your trash bill driving you crazy and out of the market?

Welcome to Biagini Waste Reduction Systems, Inc

Biagini Waste Reduction Systems (BWRS) is a recycling facilitator business established in 1989 for commercial & retail buildings in the East Bay and San Francisco, CA. BWRS specializes in customizing waste management equipment and programs for your business. Learn more about the Bay Area recycling facilitator, BWRS.

BWRS offers a wide selection of compactors to fit specific needs, including:

  • wet waste compactors
  • recycle compactors
  • cardboard balers
  • customized compactors

As a recycling facilitator, BWRS specializes in account management for commercial & retail buildings. BWRS offers recycling in SF city without pickup as well as recycling in the East Bay including pickup. BWRS assists clients to reach a goal of ZERO WASTE. Learn more about BWRS recycling facilitator services.

BWRS has compactors and tools companies need to save money on recycling and waste reduction, featuring:

  • Stationary & self-contained compactors
  • Key/lock safety switches
  • Quiet operation
  • Extended life expectancy

Business Owner Michael Biagini’s inspiration is to fill in the gap between hauler and the ratepayer, which is SERVICE. BWRS has been recognized by the Bay Area Building Owners & Managers Association (BOMA) as a leader in the recycling industry. Get the latest BWRS and recycling industry NEWS.

BWRS is always on the cutting edge with waste removal technology.

Reduce your volume of mixed waste by up to 80%! The BWRS recycling programs and compactors can give you the advantage.

At BWRS our compactors and recycling programs give you the tools you need to save money on waste reduction.

BWRS is open for you around the clock 24/7