Happy Halloween!

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Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!

Are you ready for Halloween?

Used Pumpkins during HalloweenHalloween is here! Kids and adults are preparing costumes for parades and parties while others are busy in pumpkin curving and place decorating.

Do you know what’s frightening? The trash! Used costumes, pumpkins, candy wrappers and so much more.

Need help with your scary trash? Call BWRS at (510) 215-8370.

And here’s a few more tips from BWRS:

  • Used Pumpkins – reuse pumpkins by turning them into delicious food or beautiful compost
  • Costumes – Save for next year / give to family or friends / donate to local thrift store or second hand store
  • Decorations – Save for next year / donate to local thrift store or dispose in garbage
  • Candy wrappers – these are mostly trash!

Happy Halloween from BWRS!

If you have any more ideas how to make your holiday a zero-waste day please let us know!

Ailyn Fabian
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