Commingled Recycling

Front load lockable Front load lockable recycling container for commingled recyclingRecycling is the process of collecting and “sorting” readily recycling that would be thrown away in the garbage or landfill. The recycling is processed so it can be turned into new products. Recycling can benefit your community and environment because it prevents pollution by reducing the need to collect raw materials and prevents harmful chemicals that are released from landfill Gas Energy and Greenhouse gasses.

BWRS supports diverting readily recycling out of the landfill into recycling. We offer education, resources and training for the proper disposal of recyclables in your city to help support source sorting. Waste collection differs in city or county so learning about the different acceptable lists in your area is very important. We offer hauling of commingled recycling in selected areas.

Readily recycling can include:

Paper Products:
cardboard, newspaper, mixed color paper, office paper, junk mail, magazines, telephone books, clean paper bags, cereal and food boxes, egg cartons, and shoe boxes.

Plastic Containers:

  • Bottled and containers (Labeled #1-#7)
  • Plastic milk gallon containers
  • Plastic bags (Not acceptable in all areas)
  • Detergent containers
  • Plastic film (Not acceptable in all areas)

Metal Containers:

  • Aluminum cans
  • Steel Cans
  • Tin Cans
  • Food Cans
  • Empty Aerosol Cans
  • Pie Tin
  • Aluminum Foil Catering Trays
  • Aluminum Foil

Glass Containers:

Clear, brown & green food & beverage containers