Do you need a Waste Facilitator?

“To Avoid Costly Penalties of cross contaminations”

  • You can be charged up to $1,000 per day
  • Taken out your diversion credits (SF Recology)
  • Penalty charges
Waste Facilitator - Bin

A Waste Audit for All 3 Commodities – Landfill, Compost and Recycling

  • Training for custodians, concessions workers, department staff, and tenants.
  • Shadowing of custodians and concessions staff during waste handling or monitor garbage rooms to assess current practices.
  • Examine current garbage rooms, containers, and schedules.
  • Recommend improvements to equipment and procedures.
  • Possibly make recommendations on how to improve waste sorting.
  • Full – audits reports and recommendations will be included.

Waste Facilitator - Waste Audit