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Blue Bin Rules

Recology now expands the list of recyclable items. There are new items that can now be tossed on the Blue Bin. The size of the Green Bin is still the same but the Blue Bin will increase to 64 gallons and the Black Bin will shrink to 16 gallons, read more from San Francisco Chronicle.

San Francisco is known as the leader for recycling, Even so, the city still has a long way to go to reach its goal of zero waste by 2020. The city’s Department of Environment announced the change last Thursday.  Recology already test-ran the new program for months in several routes in the Sunset District before doing it all around the city.

San Francisco residents can recycle fabric, soft plastics including soup containers and newspaper bags. Pet poop, sanitary pads, used razors and toothpaste tubes should still go in the landfill.

According to Recology, here are the new items that can be tossed in the Blue Bin


  • Blue BinPlastic bags, plastic wrap: You can now recycle clean plastic bags. Collect bags inside a plastic bag and put it in your blue recycling bin.
  • Paper coffee cups: Put cup, sleeve, and plastic lid in the blue bin. Make sure the cup is empty of liquid before recycling.
  • Milk cartons, juice cartons: Paper cartons now go in the blue bin. Empty contents.
  • Ice cream containers: Empty ice cream containers now go in the blue bin. Lids okay too.
  • Soy milk or soup cartons: Cartons (aseptic containers) now go in the blue bin. Make sure the carton is empty of liquid before recycling
  • Fabric: If reusable, visit RecycleWhere. If not, put the clean fabric in a clear bag, then in the blue bin. Rips, holes, single socks okay. No shoes or belts.

Still confused about the new rule? Follow these guidelines! For your customized programs to meet your waste reduction and recycling needs, visit BWRS’s services. You may also call us at (510) 215-8370 or contact us online.

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