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BWRS Easy Waste Management

Easy Compactor Management at BWRS

With BWRS’s Eyesite monitoring your waste management headaches are handled in 3 easy steps. BWRS undestands that under servicing or overservicing your compactor costs you a lot, so we have created a monitoring system designed to save you time and money.

Easy Waste Management

BWRS’ 3 Easy Compactor Management

  1. BWRS electronically monitors the compactor’s hydraulic pressures and number of compactions.
  2. Calls the BWRS office when the compactor is nearly full and generates a report.
  3. BWRS arranges for pickup before overflowing waste becomes a problem.

Ready to request a service? BWRS offers:

  • Same day or next day service.
  • Preventive maintenance programs
  • Regularly scheduled compactor cleaning
  • 24/7 on-call service.


For stress-free recycling, easy waste management, quality service and with accordance to the Refuse Separation Ordinance. BWRS is here to help your organization with customized programs to meet your waste reduction and recycling needs.

Angel Moreno
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