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Happy Winter Solstice!

Get Ready for Winter Season

Proper Waste Disposal Tips For Winter

 BWRS Winter Solstice!Winter is here! December 21, 2017, is Winter Solstice and this day with the shortest daylight and the longest night is the official start of Winter Season.

In every season you face unique problems with your waste disposal, and Biagini Waste Reduction Systems, Inc. can help you. Here are a few tips on how to dispose of waste properly.

Six Waste Disposal Tips

  1. Throw your vegetable/fruit peelings into the designated compost bin. Also, compost food wastes from all your holiday meals
  2. Regularly clean your garbage cans.
  3. Do not pour grease, fat or oil into your garbage cans.
  4. Call BWRS for proper disposal of your Christmas tree and do not use tinsel if possible
  5. Recycle gift wrappers but only noncoated paper wrappers, all other wrappers are trash
  6. Dispose of Christmas decor properly

For recycling facilitator needs, call us at (510) 215-8370 or Contact us online.

Happy Winter Solstice from Biagini Waste Reduction Systems, Inc.!

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