Happy Thanksgiving from BWRS!

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Happy Thanksgiving-BWRS

Happy Thanksgiving from BWRS!

Leftover FoodBWRS Family wishes your Thanksgiving celebration is filled with happiness and your table, with delicious foods.

Thanksgiving is celebrated annually every fourth Thursday of November for us to be reminded and be thankful for all the blessings and people in their life. Many people celebrates this day to spend time with their family and friends.

BWRS wants to remind you to limit the amount of food waste in your waste bins this Thanksgiving. If you have leftover foods such as Turkey trimmings, fruit and vegetable peels find a way to compost it.

Composting is a form of waste disposal that can return valuable nutrients to the soil that can help to maintain the soil quality and fertility. It can also reduce the amount of waste sent to our landfills and together we can help lessen the garbage in our community.

If you need help to reduce your waste call us at (510) 215-8370.

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