Holiday Waste? Recycle or Reuse it!

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Holiday Waste

Holiday Waste? Recycle or Reuse it!

What to do with your Holiday Waste?

Holiday Waste? After Christmas we may have a lot of wrappers and other waste to deal with. Planning to throw out some unwanted gifts? PLEASE DON’T! Most unwanted presents, wrapping paper and greeting cards end up in the garbage and then they eventually pile up in landfills. So what do we do?

Here are some tips from Biagini Waste Reduction Systems, Inc. that might help you.

Holiday Waste5 Tips to do on our Stuff after Christmas:

  1. Have a Swap Party – Invite a few friends to bring their unwanted gifts, and have an exchanging of gifts.
  2. Regift – Think of people who may need the gift that you receive the most.
  3. Donate Unwanted Presents – You can discard your unwanted presents in a generous way, donate it to Local Shelters, Charities, Etc.
  4. Recycle Old Electronics – Try to reuse your old electronics, you can put it in the other places on your House or you can also donate it. Consult EPA’s page on how to dispose of your old electronics.
  5. Recycle Giftwraps and your Christmas Tree – Recycle/reuse the gift wrap from the gift you received by using it again as a gift. Christmas trees, lights, ball (Decorations) can store in your Storage Area so that you can use it again next Christmas Season.

Hope these 5 tips will help you with Recycling/Reusing your Holiday Waste. Need recycling facilitator? Biagini Waste Reduction Systems, Inc. can help you. Call us at (510) 215-8370 or Contact us online.

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