LEED Gold Certification Achieved by Waterfront Plaza

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Leed Gold Achiever

LEED Gold Certification Achieved by Waterfront Plaza

BWRS congratulates our client who just achieved LEED Gold Certification

LEED Gold AchieverCongrats to the Waterfront Plaza in San Francisco for receiving a LEED Gold certification.

Biagini Waste Reduction Systems is working with Waterfront Plaza and helped them to achieve LEED Gold status, a green building award.

BWRS trains San Francisco Bay Area customers including building tenants to separate waste destined for landfill into compost and recycling streams.

We are proud to have helped Waterfront Plaza – 50 Francisco and – 1700 Montgomery Team achieving LEED Gold certification! 50 Francisco earned 65 points and 1700 Montgomery earned 67 points. This is a great accomplishment and our combined effort to sustainability made this possible.

Is your organization or company interested in achieving the LEED Gold Status? BWRS can help! Contact Us online, give us a call at (510) 215-8370 or email us at customerservice@bwrs.com. For more details on LEED Certification, click here.

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