Valentine’s Day Eco-Friendly Ideas: 5 Tips

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Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day Eco-Friendly Ideas: 5 Tips

Go Eco-Friendly for Valentine’s Day

Every Valentine’s Day couples exchange different gifts for their loved ones including flowers, presents, chocolates, and greeting cards. Where does this stuff go after the celebration? Most of them go to the trash bins and become one of the waste we could find around us. We have some tips to celebrate Valentine’s Day in an inexpensive and eco-friendly ways.

Valentine's Day 5 Ideas for an Eco-friendly Valentines:

  1. Be creative – Explore your creative side and create a special present using common items that can easily be found in your own home like paper, fabric, etc.
  2. Have a romantic meal together – Cook for your partner or cook together.
  3. Attend an event together – Give a gift of experience.
  4. Make an eco-friendly gift – Homemade foods like jams, cookies or cake.
  5. Buy an eco-friendly gift – If you are about to buy a gift, be sure that it is eco-friendly.

Hope these 5 tips can help you celebrate your Valentine’s Day more meaningful.

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Happy Valentines Day from Biagini Waste Reduction Systems, Inc.!

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