Give love, Not Waste

Happy Valentine's Day from BWRSReduce the amount of stuff you buy on Valentine’s Day. Commit to spending your time and not your money. Just imagine how much unnecessary packaging we have to deal with.

7 Ways to Celebrate a Zero Waste Valentine’s Day

  1. The Potted Plants
    Avoid giving cut flowers that last only a few days and gets trashed after. Instead hand him/her a potted plant. If flowers are unavoidable pick flowers that last longer or can be planted.
  2. Plant a Tree
    If you want something bigger than a potted plant or flower here’s a fun and unique idea: plant a new tree together and watch it grow over the years.
  3. Dim the lights
    Want something romantic and eco-friendly at the same time? Conserve energy and add some romance by dimming the lights a bit.
  4. The Handmade Gift
    Show your love through hard work and creativity. Many valentine crafts can be made from recycled materials. But be sure that your gift will be useful over the time and will not be junk immediately. Lastly, no wrapping or packaging.
  5. Say It from the Heart.
    Instead of writing down your special message why not say it directly to the person you love. Imagine how much they would feel if they hear it from you.
  6. Let’s Go Digital
    If you’re too shy to verbalize your words of love and appreciation then how about sending an e-card or posting on social media to let the whole wide world how much you love that person.
  7. Extend Your Love by Donating
    If you think these tips do not apply to you because you’re broken hearted and you’re thinking of burning old stuffs, photographs and letters, please don’t. Donate or recycle them instead. Give them, a second chance.

On Thursday, February 14, 2019, let us also show our love, care and appreciation for Mother Nature by celebrating a zero waste Valentine’s Day.

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